New director orientation
New director orientation

New director orientation

​Most companies provide an initial orientation session for new directors.

Most companies provide an initial orientation session for a new director. While the length and formality of the orientation will vary by company, it should include an overview of:

  • The business—including products, services, customers, and competitors;
  • The financial status of the overall company and its key business units;
  • The company’s near‑ and long‑term strategy;
  • The key risks facing the company and the company’s processes for identifying and managing risk; and
  • The company’s culture.

Who participates in the initial orientation session will vary depending on how the company’s orientation process is structured. If the initial orientation is viewed as the first step in a more lengthy process, only a few key executives might participate in the initial session—e.g., the CEO, CFO, and General Counsel. If the initial orientation is viewed as a more comprehensive session, it might include a number of other participants, such as all members of the C-suite and key subject matter experts.

New director onboarding
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