Suggested background reading
Suggested background reading

Suggested background reading

​New AC members will want to review a number of corporate documents and background materials to help them get up to speed.

A new AC member will want to review a number of corporate documents and background materials early on, including:

Information about the company, with a financial reporting emphasis, including

  • Financial statement reports (Form 10-Q and 10-K) for the previous two years, as well as proxy statements and Form 8-Ks
  • Earnings releases and materials used for analysts’ calls for the past year or two
  • Recent comment letters from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the company’s responses
  • The most recent “board book”
  • Bios of senior financial management (including internal audit (IA))
  • The company’s strategic plan and latest risk reports
  • Reports from management’s disclosure committee (if applicable)
  • Recent contingent liability (litigation) reports
  • Recent analyst reports on the company and the industry, as well as industry/competitor information prepared by management
  • Company’s Code of Conduct (or similar document)
  • Company’s hotline procedures, including process for monitoring complaints received and reporting to AC and/or full board

Information about the AC

  • AC charter
  • Minutes and pre-read materials from AC meetings for the past year or two
  • Materials about upcoming AC activities and meetings

IA materials

  • IA charter
  • Current-year audit plan

External audit materials

  • Current year’s external auditor engagement letter
  • Management letter (if applicable)
  • Recent reports from the external auditor
  • Summary of any non-audit services currently provided by auditor
  • Written communications between the AC and external auditors for the past two years
  • Summary of financial statements misstatements, including both corrected and uncorrected
  • differences, for the past two years
  • Summary of significant control deficiencies and material weaknesses, both remediated and unremediated, for the past two years

Additional resources and reading

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