Potential discussion topics
Potential discussion topics

Potential discussion topics

​One-on-one discussions with key business leaders can provide a better understanding of the company, its culture, strategy, risks and opportunities.


  • The company’s earnings trends
  • Key financial reporting risks—the pressures and vulnerabilities in the financial reporting process
  • Adequacy of control environment, including fraud controls
  • Critical accounting estimates
  • Level of transparency in the company’s financial disclosures
  • Role of management’s disclosure committee
  • Strengths and weaknesses in compliance programs, including FCPA

CRO (or equivalent role)

  • How the CRO gains a view of risk across the enterprise and how key risks are aggregated
  • Aspect(s) of risk management posing the greatest challenge to the company
  • CRO’s view of the company’s risk awareness, “appetite,” and “tolerance”
  • How the CRO views the tone and culture of senior management
  • How the company’s risks compare to others in the industry
  • Strengths and weaknesses in the board’s risk oversight processes


  • How the company manages data security, compliance, cyber risk, major IT investments, and other “defensive” IT risks
  • How the company leverages IT “offensively” for strategic advantage
  • Nature and frequency of CIO communications with board/AC
  • Company’s policies/practices for data governance, use of social media, and adoption of emerging technologies

AC chair

  • Expectations and role of the new AC member
  • Current composition of the AC (skills, backgrounds, experience, and expertise)
  • Most difficult/challenging financial statement issues
  • Scope of the AC’s oversight responsibilities
  • Strength of the AC’s oversight processes
  • Results of the AC’s last two self-assessments

Lead director

  • How the board interacts with the CEO and other officers, and how important decisions are made (formal and informal processes)
  • Toughest issues facing the board/committees
  • Board culture, including openness and candor of communications and debate among management and the board, and among directors


  • Any significant issues or concerns identified by other business leaders
  • On what issues does the CEO expect to spend the most time over the next few months?
  • How can the skills and background of the new AC member—and board members, generally—be best leveraged for the benefit of the board and the company?

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