Private company director resources for COVID-19

Resources and insights for private company owners and corporate directors amid the challenges presented by COVID-19.

For many companies owned by private equity and venture capital funds and family offices, the challenges presented by COVID-19 have had significant implications for workplace safety and contingency planning, liquidity and cash management, and the reevaluation of strategic direction.

For portfolio company owners and corporate directors, the following KPMG resources and insights may be helpful as the company and the board navigate the impact of COVID-19.

Operational risk and oversight

Understanding the people impact of COVID-19

Navigating the pandemic: A board lens (March 18)

Economic outlook (frequently updated)

Financing and valuation

Differentiated diligence after COVID-19

COVID-19 and private equity infrastructure valuations (April 9)

Debt restructuring considerations for private equity (April 7)

COVID-19 and private equity valuations (April 2)

COVID-19 and corporate credit valuations (April 1)

Tax and financial reporting

The CARES Act: Accounting and financial reporting impacts (April 9)

Internal control impacts (April 7)

The CARES Act: Considerations for private equity funds with corporate portfolio companies (April 3)

Financial reporting impacts (frequently updated)

Other tax impacts (frequently updated)

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