On the 2020 nom/gov committee agenda

Seven items for nom/gov committees to keep in mind as they consider and carry out their 2020 agendas.

On the 2020 nom/gov committee agenda

The nominating and governance committee agenda for 2020 needs to be sharp, focused, and executed with resolve. The nom/gov committee is operating in a business environment shaped by technological and digital innovation, cybersecurity risks, and scrutiny of corporate culture, as well as growing demands to address environmental and social issues and activism by shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders—all against a backdrop of geopolitical volatility and economic uncertainty. The demands on boards have never been greater, and in the year ahead, the nom/gov committee will be under intense pressure to help the board lead with excellence by optimizing the board’s composition, structure, operations, and policies.

Drawing on insights from our work and interactions with nom/gov committee members, board chairs, lead directors, and board governance and business leaders, we highlight seven items for nom/gov committees to keep in mind as they consider and carry out their 2020 agendas:

  • Focus on board composition, prioritizing diversity and alignment with strategy.
  • Consider whether the board’s committee structure brings focus to the issues most critical to the company’s success.
  • Conduct rigorous assessments to drive continuous improvement in board and individual director performance.
  • Update the approach to new-director onboarding and continuing director education.
  • Review and enhance the efficiency and relevance of board operations and policies.
  • Develop succession plans for committee chairs and the lead director.
  • Encourage robust disclosure regarding issues that are top of mind for investors.

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On the 2020 nom/gov committee agenda
Seven considerations for nom/gov committees as they shape their 2020 agendas.

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