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Continuing education credits

Many of the Board Leadership Center programs are eligible for continuing professional education (CPE). Contact the Board Leadership Center for details and visit the KPMG Executive Education site for more CPE eligible offerings.

*Webcast replays are not eligible for continuing professional education (CPE) credits.

2022 KPMG Board Leadership Conference *CPE eligible

Recalibrating for the new reality

Virtual Event

January 5–6, 2022

Join us for the 2022 KPMG Board Leadership Conference—a virtual program for corporate board directors focused on the pressing issues driving business priorities and boardroom agendas.   

The program will include a series of live conversations with preeminent leaders and luminaries on the challenges and opportunities shaping boardroom agendas in the year ahead. In addition, breakout sessions will focus on the critical challenges and priorities driving audit, compensation, and nominating and governance committee agendas in 2022.

Featured speakers

Additional speakers to be announced

Madeleine K. Albright

Madeleine K. Albright

Former U.S. Secretary of State,

Ian Bremmer

Ian Bremmer

Founder and President, Eurasia Group and GZERO Media

(Photo credit: Lauren Bulbin)

Dr. Steven Chu

Dr. Steven Chu

Former Secretary of Energy; Nobel Prize-winning physicist; Professor, Stanford University

KPMG Board Leadership Center Quarterly Webcast  *CPE eligible

This quarterly Webcast series provides updates and insights into issues affecting audit committee and board oversight—from key accounting and regulatory changes to developments in risk oversight.

Boardroom climate competence: Getting ahead of the curve

Original webcast date: September 23, 2021

On this KPMG Board Leadership Center quarterly webcast we discussed how corporate boards are engaging on climate risk, including the  implications for the business and for the broader, global operating environment.

2022 Webcast schedule

January 27

March 24

June 23

September 22

KPMG Board Insights Podcast Series

The KPMG Board Insights podcast series features conversations with directors, business leaders, and governance luminaries to explore the emerging issues and pressing challenges facing boards today.

Director Roundtable Series *CPE eligible

Brings together board directors, audit committee members, senior executives, and leaders in governance to discuss challenges, emerging trends, and leading practices impacting board oversight.

The long-term value  of workforce well-being

Virtual Directors Roundtable

Original webcast date:  May 13, 2021

A discussion of how companies and boards are rethinking workforce well-being to help drive strategy and long-term performance.

Race and accountability in the boardroom

KPMG Board Leadership Center Virtual Event

A hard-hitting conversation about the board’s role in driving accountability and action on diversity—as a critical performance metric and an expectation of Corporate America’s stakeholders. 

With insights from seasoned business leaders and directors, we’ll discuss how boards can move their companies forward—from talking the talk, to walking the walk, starting with getting the company’s own house in order.

Director and audit committee member onboarding

The Board Leadership Center team is available to discuss a new director’s onboarding needs—i.e., materials and personal briefings/presentations that would be most appropriate given the director’s level of experience and committee assignments.

Contact the Board Leadership Center for more information.

The Board Fit program

Led by the KPMG Board Leadership Center, Board Fit provides education to empower leaders to develop into outstanding corporate board members.

A highly customizable initiative, Board Fit is delivered by invitation, including to KPMG clients and sponsored organizations, through keynote addresses, featured panels, table discussions, and networking events designed for aspiring board members and novice new corporate directors looking to strengthen their skills. 

Audit Committee Peer Exchanges

The Audit Committee Institute (ACI) hosts audit committee peer exchanges in several cities across the country.  These small-group sessions—typically 10-12 participants—foster high-quality, candid discussions on issues and challenges that are top of mind for the attendee and their boards.  KPMG’s professionals facilitate the session, but the agenda is shaped and driven by the directors.

If you are interested in participating in a peer exchange in your area, please contact the Audit Committee Institute.

Portfolio Company Board Readiness Program

Offered via KPMG Executive Education, the Portfolio Company Board Readiness Program is designed to build and enhance awareness of good governance among investment professionals, including employees and partners of private equity and venture capital firms, and family and multi-family offices, who are stepping in to portfolio company board positions. The program is a highly customizable seminar on corporate governance and board effectiveness, and can address firm-specific preferences and expectations. 

Portfolio Company Board Effectiveness Workshop

Offered via KPMG Executive Education, the Portfolio Company Board Effectiveness Workshop is designed to raise awareness of board effectiveness among directors of private equity and venture capital portfolio companies, including investment professionals, portfolio company executives, operating advisors and other independent directors. The workshop is highly customizable and can address firm-specific preferences and expectations. 

Chair and Lead Director Leadership Symposium at the NACD Global Board Leaders’ Summit *CPE eligible

Sponsored by the Board Leadership Center, this invitation only, daylong symposium brings together lead directors and chairs to share their insights and ideas. Seasoned boardroom leaders and subject matter experts explore effective practices in boardroom leadership as well timely issues and challenges.

Audit Forum – at the NACD Global Board Leaders’ Summit *CPE eligible

Sponsored by ACI, the daylong Audit Forum explores timely issues and leading practices in audit committee and board oversight. From seasoned audit committee chairs and subject matter experts to regulators, investor representatives, and other stakeholders, this program brings an array of perspectives and insights to the dialogue on audit committee challenges and priorities.


Some or all of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audit clients and their affiliates.

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