Battlefield to Boardroom

KPMG supports this program to help prepare retired and soon-to-retire military general and flag officers for board service.

KPMG continued its long-standing support of Battlefield to Boardroom, a board development program hosted by the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) to help prepare retired and soon-to-retire military general and flag officers (GFOs) to serve in the boardroom.

KPMG is a founding sponsor of the annual program, now in its ninth year. Dennis T. Whalen, outgoing leader of the KPMG Board Leadership Center (BLC), and Stephen Brown, BLC senior advisor, served as speakers at the February 2020 event, which drew more than 50 attendees. Retired U.S. Air Force General Janet C. Wolfenbarger, a member of the KPMG LLP board, serves on the event Steering Committee.

Our servicemen and women have tried-and-tested leadership skills and risk oversight experience that are valuable additions to corporate boards. KPMG is proud to support veterans as they learn to apply these skills in a boardroom setting.
Stephen Brown, senior advisor, KPMG Board Leadership Center

The program covered topics ranging from the role and responsibilities of corporate directors and board members’ fiduciary duties to more complex issues related to the oversight of strategy, risk, and cybersecurity; key committees; and board-shareholder engagement. Participants also interacted with directors and corporate governance professionals who have decades of hands-on experience, and networked with experienced GFOs who are now board members.

“Senior military leaders possess the traits that make great boardroom leaders. NACD’s ‘Battlefield to Boardroom’ program provides a unique opportunity for retired and soon-to-retire military officers to learn how best to translate their skills and expertise into board service as a next step in their careers,” said Peter Gleason, CEO of NACD. “Each year, I cherish this opportunity to help our flag and general officers. As my father was a U.S. Marine, this program is close to my heart.”

To date, nearly 450 admirals and generals have participated in NACD’s Battlefield to Boardroom program, with roughly half of those program participants having gone on to board service.

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