Timothy G. White

Office Managing Partner, Audit


Tim is a senior partner in KPMG’s New England and Upstate New York regional practice serving multi-national companies. Tim is the office managing partner of KPMG’s Upstate New York office, which includes locations in Buffalo and Rochester. Tim has over 30 years of experience with KPMG and was elected to the Partnership in 1998.

As the office managing partner, Tim’s responsibilities include serving as account executive for many of our Upstate clients, attracting and retaining key resources, and representing the firm in the Upstate marketplace and business community.

Tim also oversees the delivery of our high-quality client services, meets regularly with client management, as appropriate, and attends Audit Committee meetings. He helps ensure our teams consistently meet or exceed client service needs, and facilitates prompt resolution of any and all issues or concerns.

As an Audit Committee Institute (ACI) Advisor, Tim regularly engages with audit committees and boards, sharing insights and facilitating peer exchange discussions focused on the challenges and priorities driving audit committee and board agendas. 

Timothy G. White

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