Global boardroom insights: The cyber security challenge

According to KPMG's 2014 Global Audit Committee Survey, nearly 40 percent of audit committees have primary oversight responsibility for cyber security risks, yet 45 percent believe the audit committee (or board) doesn't devote sufficient time to cyber security.

Now, with recent cyber breaches at major corporations highlighting the increasing sophistication, stealth and persistence of cyber attacks that organizations are facing today, cyber risk is climbing the audit committee agenda.

This edition of KPMG's Global Boardroom Insights looks at key elements of effective cyber risk oversight and governance. Over a series of six interviews with global directors and executives, The Cyber Security Challenge explores the following:

  • Understanding key vulnerabilities
  • Integrating cyber security into the risk management program
  • Ensuring effective communication and reporting from the CIO
  • Establishing a robust cyber-incident response plan

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